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Individual Counselling

I see individuals of all ages, from children to elders. I work with each person to creatively find the passageways to possibility thinking and systemic change. Each opportunity to be present in supporting a shift in a person’s lived experience is a phenomenal gift for me. I consider the therapeutic work I do sacred -- a healing journey that can find resolution in a few visits or needs to be worked on over time. There is an opening into what needs to be shared and discovered and then the therapeutic work of crafting the appropriate explorations and interventions. From the simple relief of having the right tools to manage issues like anxiety, depression, or self-esteem, to the life-changing shift that can occur when trauma, grief, or abuse no longer are at the forefront of decision making. It is never easy to dedicate yourself to looking deeply inwards, and yet the work can be rich, rewarding and transformative.

Family and Couples Counselling

Family and couples counselling ranges from working on a partnership to unpacking the complexities of a large extended family. No matter the relationship, I bring the same goals of transformation and acknowledge the systemic ebb and flow that needs to be tended to at all times. The focus for family counselling lies in how best the family organism can thrive. Sometimes that means seeing family members individually or in smaller groups or figuring out how each of our family puzzles uniquely works. It is usually a conflict or difficult situation that brings your family to counselling and I invite a creative exploration to come to new solutions for these challenges.

Expressive Arts

We have many ways as humans in expressing our emotions. It is not solely through our words. The expressive arts honours our multiple ways of sharing ourselves by providing multiple modalities for finding the unique pathways through the presenting concern. Whether it is through visual art, movement, sound, writing or dramatic enactment, each provides an avenue for deeper and alternate expression. Getting our hands dirty, moving our bodies, playing, -- these areas of interaction are normally relegated to kids. The expressive arts not only gives everyone permission to explore their full range of expression, it requires us to dive in and stretch ourselves to all of our possible unknown parts. Of course this exploration is always an invitation and not a requirement in working with me. It is a way of working I carry even if we are sitting in conversation -- a recognition that we can communicate in many different ways than just with our words.


The larger scope and recognition that we are more than just our interior selves has brought me to an ancient principle of understanding our world as well as a way of healing. It is encapsulated in psychology by the practice of Ecopsychology but I want to acknowledge the approaches and techniques that come from the school of ecopsychology are cross-cultural and come from a deep wisdom at the roots of indigenous peoples’ from around the world. It is an understanding of ecopsychology that we are more than just our interior experience. We are interconnected by everything around us and all that encompasses this planet we inhabit. Therefore everything our world experiences and encounters deeply impacts each of us. It also recognises our innate connection to the natural world and the importance of immersing ourselves in our surroundings to experience healing and vitality. This is incorporated into my therapeutic approach through seeing the ways systemic issues can form and be healed, as well as being able to offer sessions outdoors to immerse in the world around us and recognise healing is around us all of the time. In taking care of the earth, we care for ourselves. People’s lives are therefore seen as part of a greater system of interaction that includes both non-humans as well as human beings. Ecotherapy is a means to integrate the wisdom of an ecologically based psychology into clinical practices that serve to restore balance to the minds, body and spirit, and generate kindness toward the greater community in which we live.

Trauma Informed and EMDR

A large component of my work is in recognition of the ways we experience and live with the impact of trauma throughout our lives. This can be acute single incident traumatic events or repetitive exposure to trauma over a significant amount of our lifetime. Working with traumatic impact on people’s lives, I incorporate key somatic approaches, EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), the expressive arts, and an overall trauma informed lens in my work. All of these techniques build resilience in living with the impact of trauma as well as provide avenues to healing from the challenges. I am trained in providing EMDR, which is a significant tool in unlocking the debilitating aspects of trauma in our lives. Trauma is not limited to our own direct experiences in the world. It can be due to secondary encounters as well, witnessing it from the world that surrounds us. As well, it can be carried intergenerationally, through our family line. All these aspects are addressed and taken into consideration around the challenges that have brought you to counselling.


Throughout the calendar year I offer groups and workshops in the Expressive Arts, Ecotherapy, as well as Guided Imagery, Journeying, and Ritual work. Information will be posted on my website when there is an upcoming workshop.
A workshop I co-created and offer on a semi-regular basis is Ecoutearth. It is a practice in slowing down and listening with your whole being to the earth. In our technological age, the world around us is speeding up. Ecoutearth allows for the space to slow down, remember our bodies' natural rhythms and honor our innate connection to the earth. The experiential workshop takes place outdoors in a natural setting where we explore slowing down using mindfulness, expressive arts, and ecopsychology. We focus on becoming present to ourselves and our surroundings by engaging in an aesthetic conversation with all that is around us. For more information please visit:
Grief & Loss
Trauma Informed
Collective Healing

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